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painful ovaries

Posted by karma1984

I have been having pain in my ovaries for two months now not only that but painful urination followed by terrible back pains.
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Not that I don't believe you but how do you know that it's your ovaries that are hurting?  Is it both ovaries or just one?  Does the pain come & go?  Or is it constant?  If it comes & goes, is is always the same ovary or does it switch from side to side?  Plus, how does it time w/your menses?  I assume you aren't menopausal since you're complaining about your ovaries.


For that matter, approximately how old are you?  Rough decades is fine.  Any past or ongoing medical problems?  Any medications?  Any interest in maintaining future fertility?  Any sexually transmitted diseases?  Any surgeries?  Any pregnancies?  How many completed to term vs premature delivery?  


As you can see,  as physicians, many more things come to mind even when you ask what appears to be a simple question.  My point is not for you to give away your life details on line to a stranger but for you & others to realize how complicated it can be to arrive at a diagnosis.  


One last consideration - painful urination is typically associated with bladder infections, which if allowed to spread to the kidneys can be associated with back pain.  So go chat w/your family physician and get properly diagnosed and treated.  Good luck! 

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