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Painful mole close to spine...

Posted by monte.clair

Hi. My name is Andrea, and I am 39 years old. I have a life-long history of various types of neuropathic pain to include episodes of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Vulvadynia, Mirror-Image pain of an internal organ, allodynia, hyperalgesia, paraesthesias, and dysesthesias. I was diagnosed with a mild S-curvature that ran the entire lenght of my spine with a cork-screw-like twist in the water-shed area of the thoracic region of the spine.

Two years ago a knot about the size of a gum-ball popped up on my right frontal skull just behind my hair-line.

I have had a mole close to my spine for many years. It was originally small, raised, and skin colored. My spine often burns in the lower cervical, thoracic, and upper lumbar regions. When I am over-active, my spine burns worse and this mole pops out similar to a herniation, turns a deep red color, and hurts like crazy (a tender to the touch feeling, and the area around and beneath the lesion feels hard and is about the size of a small gum ball).

This disorder has bankrupted me once and brought me to the state of being dead-broke at least four additional times. Over a half of a million dollars has been spent on my healthcare in my lifetime.... yet, I have no clear diagnoses, I do not qualify for medi-care (because the state of SC will not cover adults without children in the houshold unless they are deemed medically needy by a physician, and when I send my money (that I don't have) for a specialist to get the doctor's clearance that I am medically needy, they look at me and say, "I can't see any pain", take $322.00 from me, and throw me out of their office (because I am uninsured, without medicaid or medicare, and dead-broke from a lifetime of neuropathic pain)... and the real kicker is that the US Armed Services will not accept me because I am classified as medically unqualified. I feel helpless to get any healthcare, and I am scared!

I would appreciate any advice you can offer.




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