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Pain running down leg from sitting or bending my Knee

Posted by sabmar

About 2 months ago I got a shot in my right hip for bursitis, which I was told the shot hurt like no other but I did not feel anything, only little pinches and it took quite some time for the shot to even work, even weeks before I felt relief to stop that pain in my hip. I still feel pain there from time to time depending on what Im doing, like getting out of a small car on the right side, it brings that pain back and I dont know how to stop the pain in my hip or even know if bursitis can be stopped forever,..can it?

Anyway, for the last few months I keep getting pain running down my right side of leg, sometimes it starts from my hip and runs down the side of leg to my knee and even down to the top of my foot. Sometimes its just running down my leg and not in my hip. This mostly flairs up from sitting or anytime I bend my knee, like kneeling or sitting down on my legs with my knees bent.

I can stand and walk forever with just a slight pain here and there but nothing that bothers me like when I sit.

Today I was sitting for about 2 hours to work on ceramics and when I got back up the pain I was getting shooting in the side of my leg, just in one spot, which was on my right side of my leg, slightly towards the back about 8" above my Knee and it was so intense it brought me to tears.

I have noticed that if I sit on my couch or recliner with my legs straight out I have no pain. Infact, right now Im sitting on the floor with an ice pack on the side of my leg and my legs are straight out and Im not feeling the pain anymore, and no pain in my hip or butt either. I am how ever feeling pain in my upper back.

Is this Sciatica?  If so, what do I do to get this pain GONE forever! I have SO much to do and I have to sit to do them and it almost kills me every time! 

I always had low back pain so I could not tell you for sure if its that.

HELP?! Anyone know what to do?


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