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Pain | Acute Trigger Points

Posted Jul 03 2010 3:15pm

July 3, 2010

Many methods do exist for treating acute trigger points (neuromuscular junctions) which is the root source of ischemic neuromuscular or myofascial pain.

eToims is state-of-art non-invasive electrical stimulation that can be applied to trigger points in the deepest muscle layers apposed to bone and joints where the most pain arises due to the significant traction on underlying pain sensitive receptors in bone and joints together with the vice-like compression of intramuscular nerves and blood vessels.

eToims provides real time diagnosis and prognosis in addition to simultaneous therapeutic pain/discomfort relief.

  1. Diagnosis: Smaller twitch forces and slower twitches are found in tight muscles, chronically involved muscles or weak muscles.  Larger twitch forces with rapid rates that can fatigue the trigger point are found with acute nerve irritation before the muscle has become tight. Such acute trigger points are also present in chronic pain but are more difficult to find and significant clinical skill is needed to be able to locate and stimulate these points.
  2. The therapeutic effect and hence diagnosis and prognosis for pain/discomfort relief is directly dependent on twitch force, ease in eliciting large force twitches and ability of trigger points to fatigue.

eToims treatments need to be directed to:

1. Both sides of the body.
2.  To the muscles on both sides of the joint because the eccentric muscles at the back are weak from chronic injury making the muscles on the other side of the joint in the front to become very tight.

Since most patients and athletes and even asymptomatic individuals have very tight and/or stiff muscles, the clinician may not be able to bring the trigger point to fatigue.  However, if that trigger point can fatigue, you will notice that suddenly the twitches will become more forceful and more rapid termed the pre-fatigue phenomenon. The trigger point will then suddenly fatigue abruptly so that the clinician will not be able to elicit such twitches at the same point.

It is very important to find as many active trigger points/unit time as possible to provide the patient with optimal pain/discomfort relieving results.

The best time to treat any individual especially athletes is when they have little to no pain since the muscle tissue is softer and the electrical stimulation is able to reach the deep trigger points easily without pain. eToims treatments have to be titrated well to be painless and will give pleasure on stimulation at the trigger points.

eToims results will be invaluable for any individual to perform at their peak. Since eToims is noninvasive and is a localized exercise to individual muscles, it can be used daily and even multiple times in the same day. The importance of eToims is in the ability to prevent injuries by increasing the margin of safety for neuromuscular tissues and to reduce the healing time when injuries do occur.

Please click on this link to see how eToims is actually performed.

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