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Overuse| Aging

Posted Mar 16 2011 4:49pm

Who does not have overuse injuries?  In this computer age, we all perform a lot of keyboarding and moving the mouse.  If you are reading this blog, you are an Internet user and therefore computer savvy. 


Have you noticed yet aches or discomfort in your hands, wrists primarily?  Have you been told that you have tendonitis, bursitis or carpal tunnel syndrome?  Have you been told to wear a wrist splint?  Have you bought a wrist splint for yourself already from the local drug store? Massaging your muscles often?


This is just one of the overuse or repetitive stress injuries.  One can get repetitive stress injuries just from activities of daily living.  Add the effects of aging onto it.  Add the effects of work, sports injuries, auto accidents, falls, twists, lifting, twisting, pushing, and we are living with some pain and/or discomfort in some part of the body.


Most of the symptoms in the muscles and joints are coming from irritation of aged spinal nerve roots.  You may not have to have pain right now in the back or neck.  You will however have discomfort, stiffness and/or tightness in the neck and/or lower back. One might accept this as due to the effects of aging if one is older, but when one is a young teenage athlete, or computer user, or a musician or dancer, and when one is only a child of eight or nine years age and has pain due to overuse, is that aging as we know it? 


What is important is not the chronological age but the physiological age.  Correct?

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