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Ongoing nerve pain in both legs for 6 months HELP

Posted by MissTiff

For six months now I've been dealing with non stop parathesia in both my legs mostly my left leg.. and it won't let up.. when it first started I couldn't even sleep..  what was weird is that I did have pains shooting down both my legs, up my spine.. and on my ribs..


No I just have it in my legs which feels like sand paper is being rubbed up against my legs, pins and needles stabbing , burning..  I've been to about 5 different doctors which I am about ready to get another doctor..  all they give me are pills.. I have 600 mgs of Neurontin which I take 3 times a day it doesnt do much except mask the pain 25 mgs of elavil 500 mgs of vicodin.  none of these help much..


an MRI states that there is no pinched nerve.. I've gone to a neurologist and she stated that this was permanent I dont understand HOW because I was just exercising when  this happened... I'm not excepting her answer..   I am severely depressed.. my quaility of life is pretty bad right now.


If anyone could help me I would appreciate it.

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have u ever been diagnosed as hyperglycemic or u have ur b.p,bsl,serum sodium levels,serum b12 levels,a week before that did u hav any fever or cough or bad abdomen or burning micturation,,whats ur hemoglobin level,,is there any history of headache,does anybody in ur family have some serious illness like stroke,ischemic heart disease or do u smoke or drink alcohol????

whats ur age??








the pain experiences you talk about come into line with the pains I have with fibromyalgia. 
Sounds a lot  like RSDS but in both legs. What tests have you had besides having your blood tested?(bone scan, nerve conduction test, MRI, CAT scan,etc) Did it spread? Do you have trouble sleeping (insomnia) ? Did you injure yourself or have surgery before this happened? How old are you? Sometimes it takes going to many Dr.s and doing countless hours of research...I understand it is so frustrating and sometimes people do not understand what you are going through physically and emotionally..girl, write me back and I will see if anything I have read can help.
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