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My wife was walking bare foot to the mail box when she got a bad pain in her pinky toe that has spread up to her inner thigh, sh

Posted by Lenee I. Facebook

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Wow!  Remind me to wear shoes!  Sorry, but you've got me stumped!  No injury?  No fall?  She didn't step on some needle or shard of glass?  It's interesting that you describe the pain as going from the toe up into the inner thigh as nerves usually run outward/downward.  It turns out the sacral nerves from the spine carry sensation for a great deal of the back of the buttocks, thigh, genitals & maybe a smidge of the inner thight.  Coincidentally, one of the sacral nerves runs around towards the pinky toe.  I hope she hasn't developed any numbness or tingling in the area and that she hasn't lost control of her bowel & bladder.  I don't think walking bare foot had anything to do w/this but I'd suggest that she get evaluated as soon as possible.  Good luck!
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