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My spine is always painful all along the spine, between shoulder blade sharp cold pain and right foot ankle pain

Posted by dg_30

I have chronic pain mostly on my right side of my body.

my back feels very tight  and painful along the spine start from th neck & spinal bone to the small of my back. I also have frozen neck which sometimes caused tightness pain at the back of my neck. The most severe ones are both my sharp pain on my right shoulder blade that can generate to my fingertips, my whole right arm feel very tight and cold as if no blood flow on it. Also my right foot ankle is so painfull sometimes it gave me fever and I can not even put my weight on it.

please help why all these pains and give me solution. I have been seeing so many doctor, once even go to emergency room, no doctor seems know why and those doctors only keep giving me pain killer that knocked me out but the pain will be there when I am not drowsy with the medication. I need better solution than that.

I read some articles that said those pains can be caused by hearth, abdomen to bladder infection, are those true ?

What medical test need to be recomended, I got 3 times for ecg and blood test already this yr, nothing abnormal. Please help I am so frustrated with the pain, it give me difficulty to do my job properly

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I have similar problems. Tight neck and shoulders and spine along the right is very tender to touch. All these problems are only on my right. Its very debiliating and it hurts to do anything from sleeping to doing computer work. Just wondering, did the doctors figure out what was wrong with you?

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