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My Not So Private Life Desires

Posted Apr 23 2009 12:57am

This is my open letter to my future. I have taken the time to put into this video how I want my future to progress.

More years than I sometimes like to count, I learned the advantage of writing down what I wanted in my life. To my surprise, I did not always like what I thought I "just had to have." But, there it would be. My must have request bright and shiny starring me right in the face.

Practice taught me the importance of being specific. So when I was introduced to vision boards, I was ecstatic. It was my short cut to my future desires. I walked past that board with my photographs, newspaper clippings and magazine articles neatly glued to my board. I touched it, starred at it and talked to it daily.

By far, my favorite way of being clear about what I want has been with movie making. I love creating movies. It is one of my favorite hobbies. I would love to say that it is the easiest. But that it not the truth. It is the one that gives me the best joy. I enjoy turning a word just so. Or changing the color to fit seamlessly into the next frame. I enjoy the creative process. And adore the final results.

A lot of the depression we suffer with derives from the feeling of uselessness. Creating videos gives me that feeling of usefulness. And, yes, I find that all the process of focusing on what you want and making that clear request works. My two favorite things are;
1. Ask for what I want. Go big or go home. Ask.
2. Then believe I will receive it. That is our job. Having faith.

The how is not and never has been my job. So I wait. If an action is required of me, I will be given inspired thought concerning that action. Then, and only then, I act.

Here is my latest video. It is my no longer private life desires!

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