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My jaw hurts when I bite down. What is it?

Posted by kk

I yawned really hard last week and felt like a pulled something in my jaw. My jaw got really sore and everytime I open and my mouth I heard a crunching noise. Now my jaw by my ear area hurts every time I bite down or open my mouth to wide what is it? I went to the dentist since then and the denist said it was from chewing ice all the time. But I don't chew I everyday and the ice I do chew isn't hard because it's usually crushed ice.




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Might be time for a different dentist.  You might have irritated or even (temporarily) dislocated your temporomandibular joint, commonly known as TMJ.  Of course, your pain might be a cavity but cavities don't tend to cause crunching sounds or hurt when you open your mouth too wide.  If you'd had a recent cold, I might wonder about Eustachian tube dysfunction, similar to when you change altitudes quickly but can't clear or pop your ears.  So probably best to get a 2nd opinion from another dentist (or even your family physician).  Good luck!
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