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my hands burn, my right side aches, i have a hard small round bump in abdomen area below chest in stomach area on right side, am

Posted by EJ

For the past few months I've had some issues with my hands, burning sensation throughout both hands, my legs are constantly aggitated, I can't sleep, I have a hard little bump on my lower abdomenal area [right side], my right side aches and I cannot sleep on it, my body is constantly in pain, I've gained alot of weight, and I'm tired all the time.  It's very odd for me, since I've really never been sick.  But, I do have fibromyalgia.  Don't know if it's involved, but I'd like to know about my gut cyst [my mom and dad have fat cysts, so this may be one].  I've had a gyne check [clear], an ultrasound and awaiting results [but only of lower abdomen], have had mammogram, and am awaiting blood tests and physical [next].  Any ideas?

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