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Movement is the key to a healthy life

Posted Feb 19 2010 2:50pm

The Visual MD is “Bringing health to life” through their website that features highly detailed and life-like videos of everything from How blockages form , to What is an aneurysm , Red blood cell production to How acute and chronic pain are different .

I was watching the Pregnancy video (which is really cool) and noticed at 2:11 into the video they state: “The fetus’ continual movement in the womb is necessary for muscular and skeletal growth.” Very true. Without this continual twisting, turning, kicking, and pushing the developing fetus would not develop properly. The same is true for a newborn baby after they are born. They twitch, wiggle, flex and extend while awake and even in their sleep and this continual movement is necessary not only for musculoskeletal development but also for proper brain development. What our society forgets is that continual movement is necessary not only for initial development but also for continued health throughout our lives. When we stop moving, we start dying is the simple way to look at it. Everything in the human body depends on movement. Muscles, bones, nerves, heart, lungs, digestive system, lymphatic system, etc all rely on continual movement. Without movement, they systems get weaker, stiffer, slower, less able to do their job, and this negatively impacts our overall health.

Lack of exercise or movement has been linked to many things including depression , osteoporosis , heart disease , ADHD , osteoarthritis , colon cancer , and balance issues . Getting more movement has been linked to improved brain function , increased good cholesterol, decreased bad cholesterol , improved blood glucose levels , improved job and school performance , improved immunity , and many other things.

Now that you understand how important movement is to your health, what kind of movement is best?

Here are the 5 most important things to remember:

  1. any movement is better than no movement
  2. movement should be fun , fun , fun ! (think play )
  3. movement interspersed throughout the day is as good or better than one extended exercise session
  4. the more balanced your posture is the more benefits you will get from your exercise (and less injuries and pain )
  5. there is no better time than to start moving now !

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