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Medications are at a point of not helping

Posted by Marly Facebook

I have had chronic back pain now for the last 3yrs. Due to injuring my back lifting a wheelchair/client in it, in a snow storm. I weighed at that time abt.110lbs. and the lift with client and chair was approx. 350lbs.

I am now living with 3 pinched nerves in my bad and my discs are starting to join. My Physician has put me on Oxy's/Percocet and have been for 3yrs. I am now finding the pain so much more severe, even the meds' now don't work. When I bring it up to my Physician he just brushes it off. He had me set up for back surgery but I am petrified. I've had every other surgery and yet my gut is saying no to this one. As well I've seen to many that haven't worked and only got worse, namely my husband and brother in law who have had to have 2 surgeries.

If I speak with my Physician about this medication and it not working he's going to think I'm out of my tree, but honestly they aren't. I am in so much pain daily that I can't even vaccuum the floor anymore. Carring it up the stairs (6) causes pain before I even start. Folding laundry, walking, my legs cramp at night and I can't sleep due to the nerve damage. Does' anyone know of something that will help.

If you read my bio I due live in Ontario, where I am there are no other Drs' available, I was fortunate enough to have to the one I do. What do I say to him without him looking at me like I'm crazy. I can't take NSAIDS due to aspirin allergy. I am at wits end. Lately the pain has been so severe that I'm talking myself into surgery but I just can't do it. There is a reason why my stomach is saying "no" everytime I think of it. I think I'm afraid of coming out of it crippled, I know of nobody else, and no this is not me being physco or anything. When my stomach says "no" its normally right. Can anyone suggest something or someone! The pain is getting to be to much for me to take. Thank you to all who reply.

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All I can tell you is my wife's colleague had surgery for a back/disc problem that had him stooped over in pain. It seems to have done wonders for him. I cannot recommend any course of action for you. Just telling you I've seen some success with a surgical solution. One key decision factor: Do you have access to highly skilled, experienced surgeons who have done or even specialize in the procedure you might need?  I don't live in Canada, but I hear--with the raging health care debate here in the U.S.--that Canada has an abundance of great general practiontioners, but may be very limited in the number of specialists.

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