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major pain and minor swelling on ribs under left breast

Posted by lornam

Im 43. Brief possibly relevant history is, I had breast implants replaced 4 years ago, due to minor encapsulation issue with previous implants. Breasts are fine, soft and no mishapening or tenerness. I also had a baby 2 and a half years ago. 8 weeks ago, I noticed when bathing and soaping myself, an area two ribs below my left breast was painful. So painful I could hardly touch them to wash. I looked in the mirror and saw an small area of broken capallaries. and thought "maybe I hit myself on something and cant remember when? Now 8 weeks later there is a minor swelling in that area, and the tender painful area has spread down to my wastline. There is no pain on resting, while sitting, standing, or breathing, just a feeling off pressure under the skin. The painful area now 8 inches deep and 5 inches wide, is extremely tender. I cant touch it, and if I stretch my arm up as if reaching up high, the pain is extreme, I cant lay on that side, and even the band of my soft cup bra pressing on the ribs is very painful.

I dont do any kind of sport, just gentle yoga, as I have urinary incontenant issues, which prevents bladder stress. I dont remember knocking my ribs on anything either. And even if I did 8 weeks ago, the painful area shouldnt get worse and larger over time, and begin to swell should it?



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