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Living the Law of Attraction -- Real Stories of Manifestations and Healing

Posted Aug 23 2008 3:07pm
By reading " Living the Law of Attraction " you discover JUST how powerful the Law of Attraction is by real life examples. Over fifty people tell their own stories of manifesting health, wealth, relationships, jobs, weight loss, happiness and much more using the Law of Attraction and Inspired Action. This book begins with a forward by Bob Doyle of the Secret. The Introduction is written by Rich German who co-created the book with his sister, Robin Hoch and includes a step by step method to make The Law of Attraction work for you. I am honored to be a part of this book and the inspiration it will bring to many.


This book is all about changing your life for the better using the Law of Attraction. Rich German and Robin Hoch collected stories and also put the law into action in their own lives to make this book a reality. Through their vision and inspired action they were able to pick dozens of stories to include. They were also able to get Bob Doyle and Marie Diamond of " The Secret " to be very excited about the project as well. In the Foreword of Living the Law of Attraction Bob Doyle recognizes how powerful and inspiring it is to share these stories. He utilizes and trains others to use the law of attraction and inspired action to manifest whatever they want or need in their lives. Bob Doyle is now heading the free " Boundless Living Challenge " which helps you do just that and he is participating in it as well.

Rich German is gifted at leading guided meditations and is also a renowned business and life coach. Rich and Robin understand the Law of Attraction and Rich gives a wonderful step by step Action Plan to put the Law of Attraction to work in your life in the Introduction. He includes six steps along with exercises you can do to take action and manifest results. Rich and Bob Doyle also have an audio interview series with 8 contributing authors of the book that is well worth looking into called the " Living the Law of Attraction Interview Program ".

Robin Hoch also co-created " How to Talk to Your Kids About The Law of Attraction " with her brother Rich. She also began a social network called Living the Law of Attraction so after you read the book you can connect with the authors to see how they are doing, ask questions or get to know them better. There are forums to help others manifest as well as a place to share vision boards and success stories.

Sharing of Stories

Sharing these stories helps others to say "if they can do it so can I" and also demystifies the Law of Attraction. This isn't some new "fad". I have now read texts from over a hundred years ago that state the same things and there is nothing "magical" about it. In fact when you do learn it and start to apply it -- it feels like "common sense" you somehow misplaced. There was no magic or new agedness to what I did by reclaiming my health. I became conscious and took action and the results are enabling me to also take control of all other areas of my life. When I look at all that I have manifested in the last year I am amazed, grateful and know it is because I learned how to apply the Law of Attraction.

The book is broken down into categories and sub categories so you can skip around and read about the type of stories you feel you will most relate to or about things you yourself want to manifest. You can also simply go start to finish as I did and be inspired and smile all the way through. The categories are Health and Wellness, Business and Career, Happiness which includes the subcategory of Love and Relationships and Everyday Miracles. Each story begins with a quote and ends with a message and a little about the author.

This book is so well laid out and I find myself returning to it to reread some of the stories that resonated with me the most. It is also wonderful to be able to connect with others on the network they created and see all of these authors living their life to its fullest and now helping others to do the same.

Sierra Goodman who lost 170 lb. and now works her dream job to Michael Cortson who recovered from several terminal cancers and a stroke and now is a successful author. From Melissa Lane who overcame many personal tragedies to become successful AND cured of hypoglycemia to Julia Rogers Hamrick that NEEDED a desk for her business to grow and to get organized and her magnificent manifestation.... There are so many different voices to be heard that there is someone in here for everyone to resonate with.

If you needed another reason to pick up this incredible book there is the fact that
a percentage of each book sale goes directly to The Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

Rich and Robin are collecting stories for their next edition. You can email your story of manifestation using The Law of Attraction to: or visit their web site Living the LOA for more information.

I am expanding my coaching practice as a mind/body mentor in the fall. If you sign up for sessions I will send you a free copy of Living the Law of Attraction . Email me at for further details.

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