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Listen Luoxing Lin said something to me, and put it solemnly

Posted Aug 08 2012 3:41am
Cement does not, you can use something else instead of you design for my oversight, I do. '
Luoxing Lin is an ancient method of artisans in the mountains out of stones carved into the shape, size, binder New York Jets Jerseys steamer when the real estate glutinous rice steamed with an iron bar, mixed with lime tamping used to assemble the strength of the rocks is almost over cement, the only drawback is the slow, but plenty of time in the mountains in addition to stones glutinous rice, and other materials is to make the best of good wood all over the mountain can be felled.
The engineer is the first time I saw the sticky rice instead of cement, the beginning did not believe, witnessed the stones glutinous rice is fully bonded firmly, also began to praise, can replace the cement, but better than cement beautiful.
Room made progress very slow, a full three years. Three years, Luo Xinglin down the mountain have been there twice, is to buy a glass and some other housing decoration and will be supplies, and other time are teaching our brothers and several martial arts.
I always thought that martial arts is good, see Luo Xinglin real skill resorted to, only he is a frog, it is an expert appear too small.
Luoxing Lin does not talk about the origins of martial arts of succession, the first year just let us brothers to practice the basic skills of bouncing prance, said to be now is the era of firearms, artillery swords and guns fist alone can not rampant, flexible skill is the most important, can fight, fight, hide the hide and survive only hope.
From the second year, Luoxing Lin began to teach us a qigong can keep fit, his childhood, qigong practice within the home, was seriously injured to survive. Said that this qigong once excel as head can hit Broken stone, kicking, kicking off the iron pickets. will air over the body, even hammering stick strike, but also intact, absolutely impregnable iron cloth fir legends since ancient times.
There are thousands of pieces of Yin Yang Luo Xinglin to live, our brothers are no longer practicing medicine dig medication every day just following Luoxing Lin martial arts practice, until the small building built.
Those craftsmen whole mountains stone quarry in the mountains to work for three years, be considered small building built to the top of the cliff into the platform, and funds to restore the sink pond road. All over Luoxing Lin them together with the engineers sent down, it may with them to pay the balance sheet.
We moved into the small building such as Luo Xinglin back. Think of Luo Xinglin to actually vague no news, about three months, see Luo Xinglin hurried riding a mountain immediately. Did not wait for my wife to move out of the banquet in honor of him, he took me pulled an upstairs room, his face heavily said to me: 'any brother, I can no longer afford to live in, and then afford to live that will incriminate you, I am leaving tomorrow.'
Out such a large force Luoxing Lin for my family, listen He said there is trouble, I naturally can not stand idly by me to him said: 'Luo Brother, you is my family's relatives, if any difficulty, our brothers and several can not no matter, New England Patriots Jerseys you have Despite the trouble, said, brothers, I am not a timid person. '
Luo Xinglin shook his head and said: 'other side of people as large, alone, only to die several of our brothers and sisters was pregnant, how can brothers and sisters with the distress I have one thing has to rely on any of the brothers, as long as any brother can help me to do. into this matter, the big brother I'm dead body can rest in peace.
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