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Life After Death, Past Lives, Life Between Lives and How all this Can Heal – A 3 Part Series

Posted Jan 08 2010 12:00am

Up until a few years ago I did not even know if I believed in life after death OR past lives and HAD NEVER EVEN HEARD of life between lives. Through my research on these subjects and healing, my work with Reconnective healing and in deepening my spiritual connection – there is no doubt in my mind that death as we know it is NOT the end.  I was happily surprised to find out how widely believed and proven this is in the scientific community.  My interest and intensive studies over the last 6 months have motivated me to present a Three Part Series over the next couple of weeks.  Part 1 will talk about Life after Death. Part 2 Will talk about Past Lives. Part 3 will talk about Life Between Lives.  Learning about this subject has CHANGED my life.  It is a joy to share some of what I have learned, what EACH part has to do with healing, resources to learn more and my own personal experiences.

I would like to begin by saying I feel life after death does NOT contradict religions.  Obviously there are some religions that believe very strongly in this and make that evident.  Then there are those that take a more subtle approach.  In the Bible there are many mentions to “everlasting life” and “eternal life”. The Qu’ran says that death is NOT the end but a gateway to another life.  Wikipedia has a large entry on the after-life and mentions MANY religions and their beliefs about it.  What I found interesting was I could not find a religion that DIDN’T believe in an after-life. There ARE SOME atheists that do not believe in life after death. Where religions DO differ is in WHAT the after-life looks like.  I will touch on this more in the 3rd post in this series when I discuss Life Between Lives.

I was delighted when my friend, CG Walters posted on Facebook a video of Dr. Deepak Chopra , Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Dr. Dinesh D’Souza talking on Larry King about Life after Death.  To have it on CNN, on a show as widely watched as Larry King Live, proved to me how widely accepted this is becoming.  I would like to share that video with you “Life After Death”:

So now we have many top doctors and scientists acknowledging that there is in fact, life after death. We also have religions saying there is life after death (although they differ on the technicalities of WHAT that life looks like).  When I started researching for this post I honestly was shocked at HOW much information there is about life after death on the internet.  One of the major ways people do begin to believe in this is learning about Near Death Experiences (NDE).

Near Death Experience (NDE) DEFINITION: Somebody who was clinically dead, who has ALL signs of being dead (no brain and heart activity) and comes back and has information of things that happened during that interlude when they were supposedly dead.

What the majority of NDE’s have in common is just how exquisitely beautiful it all is.  Some people see loved ones, some see light, many experience out of body experiences (OBE’s), some feel an overwhelming sense of love, some feel met by guides, some experience a sense of deep peace, a life review, a recommendation from relatives or spiritual entity that they should return to their bodies, some return with scientific discoveries or a sense that they now understand how the Universe works. Many after having a NDE have continued increased psychic awareness.

The one NDE experience I have written about is the the one had by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor . If you have not watched her incredible story on her experience having a stroke and dying and witnessing it all (she is a top brain scientist) I recommend taking the 20 minutes to do so and having some kleenex handy.

There are many sites I found with voluminous references to teachers and resources on life after death.  Here are a few of my favorites that reference NDE’s and research done on the subject:

The International Association for Near Death Studies – This site has voluminous stories and videos of people telling their stories on NDE’s.

Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife – Kevin Williams, Author of the book, “Nothing Better Than Death” has a website with endless resources on NDE’s and evidence of an after-life

Dr. Raymond Moody – actually termed the phrase “Near Death Experience in his book”, “ Life After Life : The Investigation of a Phenomenon – Survival of Bodily Death ” and is an expert on this topic.

The first thing that comes to mind is there is NO NEED to FEAR death.  Death is just another transition.  Just as the flowers and grass die every winter they bloom every spring.  Our human life cycle is longer than that but it is the same principle.  I feel death is hardest for those we leave behind that miss us being there with them.  Even then, there is comfort if all the people involved know “we will meet again”. No, it might not take away the grief of going to bed alone if you have lost a spouse or the despair of losing a child BUT it can grant SOME comfort and peace.

The second way it is healing to know there is life after death is this means we are SO MUCH MORE THAN OUR BODIES.  I came into a deep knowing of this in the process of healing myself.  My brain helped me come up with exercises that would help me in the journey to health but it was my soul that KNEW I would be better and told my brain to do so.  Connecting to our inner self – that self that lives on – that consciousness or our SOUL is so very important IN THIS LIFETIME.  We have so many distractions buzzing around us all the time.  Cell phones, TV’s, MP3 Players, computers and the internet, video games – it is no WONDER we don’t hear our inner selves. BUT the good news is our consciousness and soul are ALWAYS there waiting to be discovered.  When you begin to connect to it – there is a warm welcoming like a huge hug.  You realize you are NOT the automatic pilot you are used to being on.  You realize you DO have control over your thoughts and emotions.  It is empowering beyond belief as you realize you ARE connected to EVERYONE else and a part of something much greater than what you had thought – up until NOW.

I am reading a brilliant book by Dr. Chopra now called “ Reinventing the Body Resurrecting the Soul: How to Create a New You ” that addresses just this.  I am also finishing James Twyman’s book and course “The Proof” which teaches us how to feel the state of oneness that most of us are disconnected from ( that I wrote about here ).  My e-book is all about “awakening” so that you can connect to your inner self to heal.  But you need not read a book to realize this.  You can take 10 minutes and sit with all sounds off and listen to your own breath.  You can take a walk in nature and stop yourself when you hear the negative self-talk that might come up.  You can do a guided meditation if you need help at first quieting your mind (I needed this badly when I first started as my monkey mind would NOT keep quiet). The first way to connect to your soul is to recognize you HAVE a soul and you are not your limited physical being.  We are all unlimited as many of the books and movies I mention on this blog so clearly show.  “ What If? ” by James Sinclair and “ The Living Matrix ” by Greg and Susan Becker and Harry Massey are CLEAR examples of our unlimitedness of being.  Only YOU can decide for yourself if it is time for you to look within and get to know your TRUE self.  Not the roles; “spouse, “parent”, “employee”, “employer”, “child”, “sibling” but YOU, the true YOU waiting to be discovered.  Your life will never look the same once you do and WOW is there such POWER in that !

The third way this is healing is knowing we take this human existence a whole lot more seriously than need be. If we make “mistakes” we can tend to think it is “the end of the world”.  We can beat ourselves up, tell ourselves “how hard life is” and get into patterns of negativity that we feel are impossible to break.  We CAN break out of any cycle at any time and the first step is calling awareness to it as mentioned above.  We are meant to learn in each lifetime and so called “mistakes” are the best way I know how to do that.  Life is meant to be enjoyed, APPRECIATED, LOVED and as a learning experience.  I feel in “ finding our joys ” and living them we also connect to the inner self.  Live from THAT space and life will flow better than you ever dreamed of.

Nope, I have not had ANY NDE’s although I HAVE talked with friends that have.  I HAVE had experiences in past lives and life between lives through hypnotherapy which I will mention in my next two posts.  Having graduated from The Bronx High School of Science, I do consider myself more Science based. I would have been considered a skeptic for many things for the majority of my life.  These last few years as I have studied intensely and opened myself up to experience more, I now KNOW – I will ALWAYS be learning about how the Universe works.  Sometimes, I might not whole-heartedly believe something unless it has been proven or I have witnessed it with my own eyes but I come from a place of “ANYTHING is possible” now.  After having these experiences in Hypnotherapy I KNOW there is more.  I look forward to sharing some of those experiences with you in my next two posts in this series.  I am very fortunate to have three friends in town who are gifted at hypnotherapy and through that, my Akashic Record Reading and my reconnective healing practice I have accessed information that proves to me without a shadow of a doubt that I have lived before.

I have included many resources here for you to pursue and I hope if this topic is one that interests you – you do just THAT.  There is such comfort and power knowing that “this is NOT all there is”.  That we have much more control over our lives than we were told and that death is not to be feared.  I would love to hear from you on any experiences that you have had that have proven to you there is life after death.  I would also love to know your thoughts on life after death and what YOU believe. 

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