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Let's Get Physical...Physical...

Posted May 04 2009 5:26pm

Coming up with a catchy, quippy title for these blog posts is not my strong-point, as you may have noticed. Instead, I've gone for a sometimes corny, sometimes straight-forward approach. Today, it's corny and I'm alright with that.

This post is going to be a public service announcement about the importance of yearly physicals. Since I already brow-beat my DH into getting one a few weeks ago, I'm now going to do the same with you.

The thing is, as chronic pain patients, it's pretty important that you get regular check-ups with an internist, general practitioner or family physician, in addition to seeing a doctor for pain. I know it's horribly annoying and it may often seem as though managing your health is a full-time job (because it is ); however, for you to cope with chronic pain as best as you possibly can, it behooves you to ensure you don't also have a raging case of syphilis or Ebola.

I took my own advice and had my yearly physical yesterday. I got a gold star! Save for the whole chronic-pain-is-ruling-my-life-thing, I'm a healthy specimen. My doctor even told me that the results of my cholesterol test were amazing. I mean, I don't want to brag or anything but she did use the word "amazing." I had a hard time breaking this to DH, as his low cholesterol is a serious point of pride for him (and he's also a competitive sort). He sniffed a bit, feigning indifference, but when he said " beat me," I knew he was hurting inside. I assured him that the two cheeseburgers he consumed the day before the test most certainly threw off his results. Poor little guy.

Anyway, it's also important that you have a "point person" to manage your over-all health. You may have a pain doctor, but you also need a doctor who will take your blood pressure, check your blood, make you pee in a cup, and feel you up.

I think this is particularly important if you're considering a neurostimulator, given the fact that the whole process is pretty exhausting. Making sure that everything else about your body is healthy before involving yourself in any part a stimulator, can only help in the end (in my oh so humble opinion).

On that note, I'll stop nagging (for today, at least).

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