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Left side chest pain when moving my shoulder?

Posted by DW110

Firstly, I'd like to say that I went to the hospital for this last night. They did an X-Ray and six people prodded at me over the course of a few hours before sending me home with a prescription for ibuprofen.

Since Tuesday of this week, I've been getting a pain in the left side of my chest that is made worse by moving my shoulder up and down. It doesn't hurt to breathe in, except if my shoulder is in just the right position. If I move my shoulder up and down, it feels like the whole of my third or fourth ribs are grinding against something, and it's causing moderate to severe pains.

If I've been lying down, the pain goes away and for a few minutes and stays gone until I start moving around, then the pain comes back again.

I've taken ibuprofen and naproxen a few times since the pain started, but nothing is helping it and it seems to be getting worse by the day.

The doctors did absolutely nothing in the way of any actual help. Like I said, they prodded me for a few hours and sent me home with the prescription for ibuprofen. There was no recommendation to any specialists, nothing for a primary care physician, since I don't have one, and nothing in the way of, "Just relax for a few days".
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