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Jesus Feels Our Pain – Study Asks American’s Opinion

Posted Jun 27 2010 6:54am

George Barna research has recently completed a new study that shows that many Americans actually feel more connected to Jesus Christ than the number of people who have a Facebook or twitter account.

In a time when Facebook, twitter, and text messaging is running rampant, it can be easy to assume that the connections in people’s lives are with computers and perhaps a profile photo, rather than a real person or especially Jesus.

However, the recent study completed Americans Feel Connected to Jesus had a random sample of 1,002 U.S. adults, and it ended up showing that two out of three adults (67%) claimed to have a “personal relationship” with Jesus that is active and influential in their lives.

The study also showed that women (72%) were more likely than men (62%) to declare that relationship with Jesus.

And here’s something that those of us who live with chronic illness have likely experienced at some point in our life: the study reported that a majority of Americans (59%) believe that Jesus “gets personal” in their lives, going as far as to feel their pain and share in their suffering.

One-fifth (21%) of the respondents said that they believe that Jesus is aware of people’s pain and suffering but does not feel it or share it with them.

The remaining adults either contend that Jesus is not aware of people’s pain and suffering (8%) or that He does not exist (5%).

There are lot more interesting statistics that resulted from the study that you can find on the Barna website here, Americans Feel Connected to Jesus

Feel free to comment below and tell us what you think about this study or about what you believe. Do you believe that Jesus feels your pain and shares in your suffering?

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