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It has been 8 months since I under-went a double emergency bypass. The doctors will noy give me anything for the constant pain I

Posted by ladysara1964

I died three times and had 2 heart attacks on the table. ALL the ribs on the left side of my body were broken and wired back together. It loooks like chicken wire. The doctors refuse to give me anything strong enough to stop the pain. I am ready to end the pain my way and if I don't get some relief soon, I will stop the pain my way and that will require a large box to bury me in.

The docctors refuse to talk to me or help me. I do not see where giving me pills for depression is doing anything more than DEPRESSING me. Yet that is what they do to try to stop my pain. Well thay can take the DEPRESS YOu pills. I am not going to take anymore of them. I have a child to care for and lately I am no good to him either.

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