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Is it possible to have a DVT if your D-Dimer levels are normal?

Posted by ThatsNachoCheese

For two years I have been battling with doctors to get diagnosed. I have thigh, hip and buttock pain upon walking. If I stop and rest it goes away, but comes back as soon as I resume walking. I have had what feels like every test under the sun. I have seen the vascular surgeon, cardiologist, neurologist etc etc. I cannot walk more than 200 feet without pain occuring. I am afraid I might have a DVT since all of this started after knee surgery as well as a tubal AND an airplane flight. My primary care doctor says the liklihood of it being a DVT with a normal D-Dimer count is slim. Is this true? Any suggestions? BTW, I'm 37 and very healthy other than this. ALl of my tests are coming back normal except slightly low Vitamin D.
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