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Infection diagnosed on Friday, fall on Sunday, continued sharp pain

Posted by SamIAm199

I have allergies and asthma and to try and control yeast infections caused by inhaler, I gargle when I use it twic a day.  Last week the left side of my jaw was hurting when I gargled.  But by late Friday morning it looked like I had the mumps on the left side of my face.  I have chronic ear problems caused by build up of skin with eczema in my ears.  I tried to get into the clinic(3) in the family but they could not fit me in so I went to the hospital.  After 3 1/2 hours I was given a prescription of Cipro which has its own digestive and low blood pressure side effects. 

On Sunday, the swelling had gone down in my face and after lying down for a quick nap,  I felt well enough to go out.   On a slipperly surface, I went over on my left ankle where I had previous breaks in the ankle and foot and it appears a permanent deformity in the left foot.  However after walking it out, the ankle and foot seemed the same and has continued to be so.    I think I broke the fall by taking my weight on my right arm, I do not remember going completely down on the ground, nor does my fiance who was on my left side but could not catch me in time.  Later that evening my right lower two ribs and the top of my hip bone started giving me sharp pain when I got up from a sitting position.

I have tried stretching out the area and actually find sleeping on the right side helps.   I had a hot bath yesterday and then rested in bed for an hour.  That seemed to help until the evening.  This morning however I feel the pain higher and moving to the front of my ribs.

I live with chronic pain so can recognize anything unusual that doesn't fit with my norm.  In 1989, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue.  In 2005, I was diagnosed with early onset of arthritis- I was 49.   I take a regiment of medications including sleep assistants which allow me to function during the day managing my pain, yet not incapacitating me. 

In 2007, a minor work injury to my back was not correctly diagnosed by my doctor so even though I discontinued the work, my symptoms kept getting worse.  A month after this back injury, Friday March 13, I was outside hanging up clothes when  I  was nudged on my left knee by our medium sized dog, which should have made me fall to the right but I went over to the left and broke my ankle.  To give you an idea of how I can deal with pain,  I was home alone, we live in a planned subdivision of acreages which is 1/2 hour drive into the city.   When the pain and shock subsided, I worked myself to a standing position,  I went up the steps into the house, two half steps into the kitchen, got an ice pack, went upstairs to get the tensor bandages to wrap the ice pack on.  Then I went outside to finish hanging up the clothes and put the dog in.  I repeated going up the stairs to shower and get dressed.   I went downstairs and drove to the city.   I knew the wait in ER could be four hours so wanted to go to the bank and complete another chore (which to this day I can't remember because by that time the pain was too much)  and  I had been trying to meet up with a friend for three months to exchange our birthday gifts, so I met her for lunch, went to the bank and then went to the ER.   Where I did sit for four hours when my fiance and my son drove in together to pick up my vehicle as I had left a note to say where I was.  I had broke the fibula clear through. 

I was going to physiotherapy for my back but we decided to discontinue those treatments until I was out of my cast. 

At the end of July when we were going on holidays, my physiotherapist suggested that I ask my doctor for an MRI of my lumbar spine and it was done on September 7th.   It showed  a lot of arthritic changes combined with a 33% scoliosis which started in my thoracic spine.   I believe it was the nerve that was pinched between L3 and L4 that was causing my symptoms down my leg.  My doctor wanted me to try other treatments before surgery so I went for chiropractic and massage treatments until December when I asked her to write the referals for surgery.  Now knowing what I know about wait times for referrals, surgeries etc., this process should have been started upon diagnosis.  By the time I had my first surgery, my right leg had atrophied, was numbing causing me to trip and painful to walk more than five minutes.

Despite my pain and body disfunction, I am flexible and my doctor thought I should have been put in a body cast for the first surgery.  My first surgery which took seven hours to decompress and fuse L2-L5 was done on November 4, 2008.   I had an x-ray before seeing my surgeon at three months which showed that the screws were moving. Six months later, I had my second surgery which was completed in less than four hours but was more invasive with larger screws, superglue and artificial grafting and I got to wear a body cast that was fitted after my surgery.   I had my one year check-up in May and everything has stayed in place.  

I still have not regained what I lost with the second surgery in endurance, strength and balance.   I completed a Health Region exercise program that I found on my own and with the help of a Home Care OT,  I have accepted that I can only do what my body allows and instead of long periods of industry, I must take breaks.  I have lost some of the weight gain through basically lying around and taking it easy for over a year.  I have regained most of the flexibility that I lost in the full torso plus leg spica body cast which had to be cut down twice due to being fitted after surgery. 

So I am hoping you can give me some ideas of what happened to my ribs and how to treat them.

Thank you.




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