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im a 9year colonrectal survivor with bone loss my spine hurts, cant sit/stand for more than 30minutes

Posted by Tammy S. Facebook

im 41years old took 25treatments of radiation,9months of 5-fu chemo. 5operations, 2different colostomies. i got my cancer at age 30. with 2tumors. i suffer from pressure/pain/ shocking sharp spider pains going through my back, my spine hurts to the touch. my problem is my back doctor dosent help knowing all the test show degeneration in my bones,in july the mri showed my 5th lumbar disc has gone down thinned out the thickiness is almost gone and he hasnt done anything but do some light therapy which im doing but the nights of awful pain not sleeping and he gives me tramadol 250mg daily, gabapentin 600mg daily, soma 700mg, its not helping me and he wont do anything different  i beg him to aleast numb the area or anything. i want to curse him but i need him. i dont know what to do. i cant afford to get another doctor. but i might have to.. dose anyone have advice
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are you a cancer survivor from colonrectal cancer too, with colostomy?
I have tried Bikram Yoga and Shiatsu massage therapy and it has helped me tremendously for my degenerative disc disease but you have to do bikram with modifications. look for a Shiatsu massage person, they heal people! I promise.
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