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I pooped out of socket after hip surgery. I now have pain in the hip joint.

Posted by oldjock

Could the pain be caused by the replacement of the hip back in the socket was not done properly and would only require an adjustment under sedation? Or would I need to have a complete hip sugery???????????
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 Good Luck...hope you are better soon.


More links..some may be repeated.




 I can't find the original pages I looked up for my father-n law..

here are a few links.

 (Bottom line though get to the doctor NOW. it is not a question of how they will fix it. You want to avoid an infection. I'm not normally an alarmist and I don't run to the doc when I have a sniffle or a pimple, ha ha. From what I read...hip replacement is serious... and you need to talk to the ORTHO doctor and quit worrying about how they might repair if needed. They develop new surgical techniques all the time. But if the problem is an infection you want to nip it in the bud early.)

 Medical site where they talk about antibotic cement.


Bacteremia in Joint. This talks about getting antibiotics to avoid... joint problems due to baterial settling in.




If this happens, call YOUR Orthopedic Surgeon  immediately and (s)he will meet you in the emergency room of the hospital and relocate the hip. Do not eat or drink anything, since you may need an anesthetic to get the hip back in place. You may be brought to the hospital by car, but, if you have too much pain, an ambulance may be necessary. Sometimes it takes an open operation to get the hip back in place, but most of the time it can be "pulled" back in place.


Follow-up care to Hip replacement...


Hip revision surgery..more complicated...


Complications after total hip (medical discussion).


I'm not a M.D.

From what I have read...

1) always seek medical help immediately when you pop a hip.  let them put in socket.

2) Hips  that are popped in improperly can get blood clots, a slime bacterial infection  that is impenetrable by antibiotics causing sepsis and sometimes death. Nothing you should mess with.

3) depending on your age, sometimes they open the area and slip in some cement with antibiotics embedded in it...this helps clear infection, then they go in and reline or repair if they can.

4) They can try IV antibiotics first...the IV is to keep your blood pressure up.


I only know this because my father n law did the same thing... he ended up in intensive care, then hospital for a week, then skilled care for three weeks..and the surgeon is coming to see him. He is in much pain in the hip, too...only his first week of skilled care.


I had no idea of this..but bacteria LOVE artificial hips. They form slime pockets of adhesion.

 If I posted anything incorrect, I hope a medical professional corrects it..





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