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I'm trying to determine the source of severe leg pain in my leg. I'm not sure who to see to get this looked at.

Posted by lgru

I have severe pain in my left leg that occurs when I try to stand after sitting for a while.  It's bad enough that I have to stand a couple of minutes and until I can stand the pain.  Sometimes, my knee doesn't want to hold me. It tends to go away for awhile but after 15-20 minutes standing or walking, I HAVE to sit down.  It's not my knee, it's on the outside of my knee, just below the joint and seems to radiate down the side of my leg. I also have popping in that place of my leg when I straighten my leg which doesn't appear to be the meniscus.  I've had at leas 2 arthroscopies on this knee.  Any ideas of what it could be?

 The Orthopedic Dr I saw recently says it not my knee but since I have extensive osteoarthritis, I know that I will probably have to have a knee replacement. 

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