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I lost 65 lbs and i have extreme pain in my total hip replacements. My doctor took xrays and said my hips were inflammed due to

Posted by Ann Masotti

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And your question is?  And the inflammation is due to?  Off the cuff, without knowing what you wanted to find out, if you're in extreme pain, it would seem to me that it's time for you to consult your orthopedic surgeon (or get a 2nd opinion from another one).  In this day & age, there's no reason to live in extreme pain.  Notice I didn't say that you should be pain free.  There are some situations where the best we can do is to help you deal with your pain.  Don't forget that there's an emotional/mental component to pain as well as the physical part.  Go see your family physician, orthopedic surgeon, and pain specialist so that you can become functional.


By the way, it's also not clear to me how/why you lost 65 pounds.  If it was intentional, then congratulations.  If not, then you need to go see your family physician to get evaluated for depression, thyroid disease and cancer among other issues.  Good luck!

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