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i have upper and lower abdominal pain and it hurts on the right side of my neck and it hurts to take deep breaths lay down flat

Posted by jgp7885

i went to the er on sunday cause i was haveing constint pain in my lower and upper abdominal and it was also on the right side of my neck. i couldnt lay down without the pain constantly being there. The er did a u/s and said everything looked fine in my upper abdominal. my gull bladder looked good my kidneys looked fine and my stumach looked small but normal. they didnt do any further test and sent me home with meds and some pain killers that helped me sleep but i could still feel the pain. its still here to this very day and it is now wensday.  I am looking for answers to find out whats wrong so i can make the pain stop. its getting to me cause i cant work or do anything without it slowing me down or dropping me to my knees.
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