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I have tingling in the back of my head. left arm and hand and my fingers will lock up, I am also vomitting every day and nothing

Posted by em1984

I am in pain all of the time with my interstitial cystitis but feel that this is not the reason for the vommitting. ONce the tingling and numbness and locking of my fingers on my left side and back of head got worse so did everythign else. I am desperate to get some sort of an idea, as this is not being addressed. I have been into the ER multiple times within a week and all they do is give my naseau meds even though they have seen this episode. All I can find is stuff about strokes and what not, but aren't I too young for that. Another thing is that I have a history of blacking out yet they have checked my heart, the heat is too much for me. All I am needing is somewhere to start so I can be on my way to getting better. I have now lost 22 pounds and only weigh 98 pounds. So anything would help! Thank you
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