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I have shooting pain in my toes and fingers. Mostly at night, it helps to put pressure on them. What could be the cause?

Posted by kmae

I also have mild arthritis in knees, have a buldged disk in my back. I have been told I may have fibromyalga, sometimes I have pain in my muscles, mostly in my legs and sometimes my skin actually hurts to the touch.
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Your body is telling you that pre-diabetic processes are at work shutting down the nerves in your extremities. The shooting pains will be followed by numbness which increases in frequency and duration, eventually requiring the amputation of those extremities.  The treatment and cure are to reverse the processes which favor diabetes. Cut down on sugars of all kinds. Get rid of excess weight with a simple diet such as: hot cereal covered with whole milk for breakfast, two large fried eggs and a tall [16 ounce]  glass of cold milk for lunch, and two pieces of toast with butter and jam and a tall glass of whole milk for dinner. Take one multivitamin tablet a day to prevent any deficiency. Increase your BMR [basal metabolic rate] by taking gradually increasing daily walks: 1 minute the first day, turn around and walk back home; 2 minutes the second day, and so on, Monday through Saturday [your body and mind need Sundays for rest], and continue until you are walking two hours a day [60 minutes each way]. This will allow your cardiovascular system to build up strength and endurance. Chew all the sugarless gum you want and drink all the water you want. These will help you break the overeating habit. Impress it firmly on your mind that any food beyond your diet will poison your body, because it will. Allow yourself one bite of anything else you really want, each meal, so that you do not feel deprived. Tell yourself that every additional bite will taste exactly like the first one, so you are not missing anything. Buy a bathroom scale at Wal-Mart for ten dollars or so that measures your weight to the nearest two-tenths of an ounce. Weigh yourself every morning after going to the bathroom but before eating or drinking anything, so that the conditions will always be the same and your weight reading will be meaningful. Record you weight on an Excel spreadsheet and include the graph option with a trend line. As long as the line has a negative slope [upper left to lower right], you are winning.

You will soon find that the walk is no longer tiring and that you will get some of your best ideas while on these walks. And you will have the health, strength, and endurance to carry them out.

Let me know how you fare.

David Grant Stewart, Sr.

28089 Pine Drive

Evergreen, Colorado 80439

(303) 670-1375

Correction to typos in the above posting:

1. Include a tall glass of milk for breakfast.

2. The scale should be accurate to two tenths of a pound.

Cheers, dgs.

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