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I have severe knee pain and shooting leg pains, what is it?

Posted by sore_knee21

When i was 14 i strated getting knee pain i went to the doctor (who is useless) and she diagnosed a condition to do with exercise and told me it would go in a few years, it has not.  I am now 21. Sometime they don't hurt atall but most of the time they are swollen, red and severly hurt when bending down etc.  I also have shotting sharp pains in my leg when i sit down it is worse when my knees are bad, i went to my doctors who diagnosed restless leg syndrome but i think they may be connected.  Whenever i go to the doctors they only test for arthritis and Osterprosis which comes back negative every time.  Sometime i cannot lift my leg as my knee won't allow it and i have to physically pull myself up after bending down. The knee pain is usually in the top and shoots upto half way up my thigh when at its worse, it also feels like my knee capo is about to shoot off when i am sat down as it seems to build up pressure.  Have you got any idea what this could be?
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