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I have pain on my left side in my back up through under my rib cage. I also have pain in my left groin area.

Posted by tdonnan

I have been having pain since February.  I have a history of constipation so they did put me on Miralax indefinitely.  I had a colonoscopy which came back normal.  I had ultrasounds of my pelvic area.  Finally in August they did a cat scan and found that  I had a kidney stone but it was on the right side.  The stone passed but the Urologist  decided to do a cystoscipy anyway just to make sure that everything was okay since I am still having pain on the left side.  He said that both of my kidneys and my bladder are fine.  He had me schedule a follow up for in a month!!!  I am not even sure if I should go back to him or if I should be seeing a different type of specialist.  I don't want to waste my time.  I am sick of being in constant pain.  I have 3 young children and work 45 hours a week.  It is effecting my life.  What could be causing this pain?
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