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I have pain and soreness in my upper body. Mostly in arm muscles and bones. My chest hurts also. I cant even raise my arms over

Posted by arlettaw

My joints in my shoulders feel like they're going to pop out of place all of the time. I can literally feel it sliding and it hurts. My arms hurt so bad I can't do alot of things. I can't raise arms any higher than even with my shoulders. I can't raise my arms and push or pull due to the pain. Sometimes just moving my arms, to do anything, hurts. I hurt when I sleep and when I wake my colar bones even hurt. When I am standing to do anything, I start getting pain in my back and moves around to my rib cage and chest area. It seems to take the breath from me. I can't stand for very long without hurting. Pretty much my whole upper chest area and up hurts. Doctor ruled out fibromyalgia and arthritus. What now?Nothing is helping the pain.
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I came across your posting by googling for similar symptoms. The difference is I am able to lift my arms up. I have had Xrays done and my chiropractor indictated that my upper back muscles are very weak and so my ribs shift from either left to right. I have been seeing him since August last year and my visits are less frequent. I have slowly been strengthening my upper back muscles by doing pushups and planks and other upper body excersises and my upper bones shift less frequently. If I do however, lift anything heavy, such as I have done today, my bones again shift. I have managed most times to recorrect the position by doing pushups and stretches as well as making a concious effort to keep my shoulders back and down to prevent inproper posture. 

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