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I have numbness in feet, toes, fingers and knees...

Posted by Tragan

When I was about 7 months pregnant ( my son is 3 month and 3 weeks old ) I started having tingling and a pain in my left thumb when i stretched and flexed my wrist. I asked my Doctor and she said it was probably C.T. Syndrome and it would go away after birth. The pain faded but now my thumb and index finger are numb. A few weeks later I started feeling the same pain in my left foot and big toe, they are now numb too! It has since moved to my right foot. It has gone from my toes to the out side of my ankle area and bottom of my feet and heals. I also started feeling the pain and numbness on the outside of my right Knee that i feel when i kneel down or put pressure on it. I have no idea other then something in my back may be off butI have been to a Neurologist who took blood test and did test with electric shock on my nerves and said he really didn't see anything concerning. I have been to a Chiropractor too... It is getting worse with time not better. Any Ideas?
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Your situation sounds exactly like mine. In the last two months I have lost most of the feeling in the bottoms of both feet and the loss of sensation is moving upward to my knees. Sometimes it feels like my feet are burning, sometimes cramping and more often like little firecrackers are going off in my feet, knees, legs and hands. I went to a neurologist, had an EMG, was told that the loss of feeling is irreversible, no way to say what is causing this, and goodbye until next month. I also went to a chiropractor and it helps me feel better in general but doesn't address the problem. What to do next... I wish I knew.
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