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I have had severe pain in my lower right abdomen for 5 months that sends pain down the front of my leg, what could it be?

Posted by h

I have had 2 CT scans, a pelvic ultrasound and a hip x-ray. The first CT scan was done in 2008 because the pain came and went back then. It has been a constant pain since October and my last CT scan was done right before Thanksgiving. They didn't find anything on the first one (ruled out appendiciis) and on the second one they found a small ovarian cyst. When I had they pelvic ultra sound the dr. said that he did not see they cyst and that everything looked normal. The hip x-rays have not come back yet but the pain is getting worse. I didn't see another "community" to post in since I have no idea of what else could be wrong.
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