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I have aching muscles in my neck, shoulders, arms, forearms and my hands ache. Also my hands itch. I'm wondering what I can do f

Posted by rhonesci

Had TAH/BSO 8/6/09 with removal of 17-pound pannus. Recovered quickly and well from surgery. Two weeks after surgery had viral gastroenteritis for 10 days, was really sick requiring fluids at the ER twice. A month after that got the swine flu (that's what my PCP thinks) and recovered from the acute symptoms of that, but have never stopped aching in my neck, shoulders, arms, forearms. My hands have been itching. No rash or redness. (it would be nice if my palms were itching and money was coming!) I really am tired of feeling this way, feeling like I'm "almost sick" or "coming down with something" that never goes away. Any suggestions you have would be so much appreciated.
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