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I had my jaw adjusted by my chiropractor and I want to know if my Tenant could have been torn in my left Jaw

Posted by Kimmy L. Conley

I have been swollen and in pain since my chiropractor adjusted my neck on the 15th of Oct. It always flares up even after a massage to the neck. This started 4 months ago when my chiropractor  adjusted my jaw by pulling it forward and I heard an unusual double crack from my left jaw. The pain first effected my left neck Jaw and the left side of my face for over a week. My Dr thought I had shingles because the whole face was hurting like a rug burn but I never broke out with any spots. after the pain left I noticed every time I had any contact with that area it set off swelling and strong pain. I even had 2 episodes of my jaw feeling like it was out of place like out of joint but I was just driving or doing dishes and it just felt out of place and swelled and became so painful for a couple of days. I sometimes clench my teeth during sleep and I have since gotten a night guard.
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