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I felt a crack in my Hip bone and had surgery back on August 11, 2009. Was wondering if you think I might have fractured my Hp?

Posted by Pete2938

I am a 48 year old Man and had a block of bone taken from my Hip so they could do a sinus lift on me.  This is so I could get some dental implants.  I had the Hip surgery August 11, 2009 and I recently was sitting down and felt a crack in my Hip that I had the block of bone removed from.  I still have pain and it's hard for me to bend and lift things.  Do you think that I might have fractured my hip.  I was sitting down when I reached down to turn something off and that's when I felt the crack and severe pain.  I don't want anymore surgery but was wondering what you think about this?
                                                      Pete. G.

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