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I fell and now I have a horrible burning sensation in my leg, what could cause that?

Posted by Angela L. Facebook

I fell two days ago and bruised up the right side of my shin. Yesterday I woke up with a horrible burning sensation on the right side of my shin and it continues today. It is specially painful when I apply pressure to my leg. What could the burning sensation be?

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Burning sensation, also described as numbness & tingling, or electrical shock pain, suggests nerve damage.  The peroneal nerve runs close to the knee and is often damaged in contact sports such as football during a tackle at the knee.  The nerve can also be damaged by a fibular fracture (the smaller of the two bones in the lower leg).  I suppose bleeding leading to a collection of blood (hematoma) could apply pressure to the nerve and irritate it.  Patients with this complaint should get evaluated by their family physician.  Good luck!
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