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I feel a burning sensation in my ribs when I deficate

Posted by bobapatrick

I feel a burning sensation in my ribs not  (not too far from the heart) when I deficate).  I am a 49 year old male,  avid cyclist, and am in very good shape.  The burnigh only occurs when I deficate, and if I push, the burning intensifies (feels kind of like when you over stretch a tendon or something.  It feels almost like I have a tendon running from my anus to rib cage, and "pushing" streches it out.

 I do have high blood pressure, and have had a full cardiac work up about 2 years ago (stress test ultra sound, blood tests, etc) all good.  I had a heart cath about 8 years ago but it came back fine (my father hadheart issues and I wanted to be sure to rule that out givent the level and intensity of excercise I do)

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