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I Cannot Get Rid of the Tingling in my Last Two Fingers, What Could This Be?

Posted Feb 11 2013 5:35pm

Tingling in the hands from ulnar nerve Have you ever experienced numbness and tingling in the last two fingers? If the numbness and tingling is only in the ring and pinky fingers on one side, it tells us there is an ulnar nerve component.

Now the question is: Where is in the pathway of the nerves is the pressure? Nerve roots come off the spinal cord at the level of the spine, branch into smaller nerves, into the brachial plexus (a group of nerves that innervate the upper extremity) and eventually the radial nerve innervates the first three and half fingers, while the ulnar nerve supplies the last two and half

You may have tried massage to the arm and hand trying to stop the sleepy sensation. This happens typically due to a loss of blood flow from blood vessels in the area. Massaging the region tends to help restore blood flow. 

If this isn't working, it most likely nerve vs blood vessel. Sometimes you may sleep in an awkward position and you wake up with numbness and tingling in the fingers for example. 

Next, you must ask yourselfwhat may have caused this? Did you fall asleep in an awkward position? Did you hit your elbow on something?

In this case the problem could becoming from the elbow, but more than likely it starts higher. If your neck had been in an awkward position, its most likely a neck problem. 



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