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I am having pins and needles in my plantar area of my feet and pain, and my archilles tendons are extremely painful when walking

Posted by rachel

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I have something similar.  My MRI shows that I have a partially torn Peroneous Brevis Tendon, a partial detachment of a ligament at the heel on the bottom of the foot, and a partial tear of a ligament in the ankle.  I used to jog a lot, and it's an overuse injury.  My doctor told me the pins and needles I feel in the ball of my foot and toes was from swelling pressing on the nerve.  There's something seriously wrong if you are having that much pain.  Please have your doctor authorize an MRI ASAP.  Don't let him give you a cortisone shot until he sees what's wrong first.  It can rupture a tendon if it's weak.   It helps to put your foot up and apply ice packs to reduce the swelling.
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