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I am deaf and need the written word for symptoms of a fractured pelvis. Thank you.

Posted by Joi

for several weeks I have had this pain below my navel. I thought perhaps it was the transverse colon. The pain is in that area. But if that were the case I would not be able to have a bowel movement. Correct? I have no issues in that regard. So I ruled that out.

 The pain is excruciating. However when seated only a sore feeling . As of yesterday upon walking it took my breath away the pain was so sever. I can walk backwards with relief but nonetheless the pain is there. Now is feels like bones grinding together.

I went to the ER I was diagnosed as having a blood clot that created a herniated area in the femeral artery. WTF! I was sent to another hospital they also did a cat scan and a sonogram. No blockage.  They determined it was a groin sprain. NOT!!

I was given morphine and demerol. The pain was and is so great that it did only a small relief. I was given lortabs and flexxerill RX's upon release from that hospital. For a groin sprain. WTF? Not.

I have had this pain progressing for several weeks. Please can you help? Thank you.

I am a 66 years old female. Had a hysterectomy about 35 years ago. I used to run 10-miles a day. I am retired and sededary now. My tolerance for pain is extraordinary. So I am told. But this is beyond belief.

Something is radically wrong. I am almost embarrassed to return to the ER. I have no local physician. I am in excellent health otherwise. I do not smsoke, drink or do drugs. Never have done drugs. Quit the smoke 20 years ago.

 Can you help? Please. 

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