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I am a professional patient (part two).

Posted Mar 12 2009 3:44pm
Who needs Botox when you have prednisone and angioedema? Yep, my lovely hives returned yesterday—the kind I have not seen in years—and progressively got worse over a 24-hour period. Not to mention my swollen lips returned in addition to a massively swollen eye and what I like to call “elf ears.” Think of that scene from Hitch with Will Smith post-shellfish (above) and you get the idea.

I awoke this morning very aware of my issues and Geoff + I were like trained athletes. I emailed my 3 main doctors (gastroenterology, pulmonology and rheumatology) to give them the details, packed a bag, canceled my daily work meetings, made sure my phone was charged, and was in the the ER by 8.30am. I even handed the nurses and doctor my iPhone with a message from my doctor. It was awesome—they got the gist immediately and were able to get me all my meds right away. I was out by 1pm.

You have to love (and hate) being a professional patient sometimes. Happy Friday everyone.
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