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I am a professional patient (part one).

Posted Oct 10 2008 2:10pm
I left the office yesterday at exactly 3.12pm and I knew, for certain, that I would be precisely 4 minutes early for my appointment. I knew which of the parking garages was the better one to park in and that no one ever tries to find a spot behind the pylon on the 2nd floor. I knew that I would wait 20-30 minutes beyond the scheduled time of my appointment and that I'd better bring my own reading material because that Newsweek is from last summer.

I knew that when the nurse called for me that I wasn't really going to see the doctor—I was going to get weighed, have my blood pressure taken, and I'd soon be shuffled right back out into the waiting room with all of the other patients (who are 20+ years my senior) to await my turn for at least 15 more minutes. I even knew that the crazy people in the blood work lab don't speak Spanish—and that any help I can give to the majority of the immigrant population (scarily awaiting having their blood drawn) is greatly appreciated when the technician yells at them in English.

So why doesn't my health care system know this? You'd only have to take this patient journey a few times to absorb every problem, prolepsis, and lighthouse. (Or you could just ask me—and/or a few chronic illness patients.) And yet, it seems like, I am navigating this sea alone—every time. I'm not saying the doctors, nurses, assistants, or care is bad, I'm just saying, "Why doesn't anyone want to learn from what I've gone through for the past 7+ years?"

(To be continued...)
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