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I am a 56 year old woman, standing 4 foot 9 inches tall, weighing approx. 128 lbs.

Posted by 53_model

In 2004, I had a C5 Cervical Laminectomy..In 2005, I had L4-S1 Lumbar Laminectomy..In Feb. 2009, I had C3 - C7 Cerival Laminectomy (replaced C-5)..I have had horrible headaches (pain level 5 to 7), clear fluid leaking from my right ear, blurred vision in my right eye and a terrible pain under my right clavical...I've been to my neurologist, who sent me for steroid shots for the pain in the clavical (3 separate times--no help)..Did an EMG, with small nerve damage in right hand (already knew this)...She ran an MRA on the corotid arteries, no problems..Sent me to an ENT, who says I have Benign Positional Veritgo, but don't actually have the vertigo part.....I feel like I'm going around the circus ring again...I realize doctors have to "weed" out possibilities, but in the meantime (going on again since May of 2009), I'm feeling worse everyday...Nowadays, the patient does have more "say so", but when the doctor just wants to run tests and give out pills (Cymbalta ???)....I am not the kind of person who whines, so when I say I'm in pain, I'm in pain...I DO NOT like to take ANY kind of pills, pain pills or otherwise..I'm also not dense, so I've talked to my neurologist about certain things I would like her to consider...Am wondering if I should almost demand a CT scan on my brain and a new MRI on my spine to check for possible cysts, tumors, CSF leak or nerve damage due to the many surgeries...Would like to know if I'm going in the right direction...Thanks for listening...
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I agree with u. I think u should demand the tests and for the reasons that u listed. Also the cymbalta is basically an antidepressant not really a pain pill.

Well, I kind of wondered that as well, about the Cymbalta...Not sure WHY she'd put me on that since I don't have a history of depression...Like I'd stated earlier, I'm not a "whiner", so if I say I'm in pain, I'm in pain...I have a one year check-up with my neuro-surgeon on the 25th of March, so think I'll use that as the straightening out process...Thanks for your reply!


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