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I am a 22 year old healthy female. What could be the cause of my chest discomfort?

Posted by charity s.

I have had chest discomfort for a few months now and have gone to the doctor twice.  The first time I was put on zantac and then switched to prilosec for a total of 4 weeks because the doctor stated that my symptoms suggest that my then frequent heartburn was hurting my esophagus (my heartburn has since ceased).  

My discomfort has never gone away for more than a few days.  I went back to the doctor and was then put on prilosec again but this time am taking 2 pills/day instead of just one.  I have also changed my diet to exclude acidic foods and beverages--yet the discomfort persists.

I have had an EKG, which came back fine.  I feel like my discomfort worsens as my menstrual cycle approaches. 

Their are two types of discomfort, one is deeper in my chest and hurst when i sit-up from laying down, and sometime too when i twist my body at the waist.  The other does not usually hurt, it is more crampy and sometimes radiates to my collar bones as well as out to the sides.  There is no trend with the second discomfort except that it inceases as my period approaches (the other does too).  They both occur on my sternum just above my breasts.

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