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I am 35 and have a swollen knee and ankle. There is pain in my knee, foot and ankle. It decreasing my mobility.

Posted by Devi_wonderwoman

I twisted my knee last year and it took four months to get better.  After a month I went back to the gym to do step aerobics and my knee, ankle and foot swoll.  The MD, PT and orthopeudic surgeon have not found anything to get down my swelling and allieve my pain or increase my mobility.  What can this be and how do I treat it?  (excersicing is not a long term answer for me).
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I have had similar problems since a knee injury 4 years ago.  My knee and ankle (and now foot) swell really badly in hot weather and there is intermittant pain from the knee.  It gets so bad that I struggle to get my shoe on. I have been to my GP several times about this and all they say is exercise to strengthen the muscles around the knee.  This isn't working for me (although the knee is somewhat better).

This summer I turned to alternative remedies - aromatherapy - to ease the swelling - not perfect but it did help lessen the severity.  I used an aromatherapy massage oil that I made up and put on every morning and evening (although you can't use this if your legs are exposed to sunlight as you'll burn (general exposure of legs is ok but not prolonged such as in sunbathing).

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