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Husband's spinal fusion ?

Posted by emasch

Hello there My husband 4 years ago back surgery, a spinal fusion and he has chronic back problems/pain. He has a condition called spondylolsis.

This back surgery has NOT helped his condition and in my opinion its made it worse.However x rays show a fantastic operation that went smoothly Having said that his surgery was done in 2006 5 years ago,

#He is in constant pain more so on his left side she gets constant pain on this side some days worse than others . he g ets shooting pain in legs and weird sensation on this side like a sensitive to touch .

he also has Perth's disease in hip but doctors say he too Young to have op on hip.

at one point he was on 120mg daily of morphine but i had to ween him off it as docs just kept putting dose up and he became like a zombie so eventually he come of this and put on trimodal  DHD's and codeine .mad as this seems to be the results when going to doctors they seem to give him more and more pain relief but never finding out all the courses and investigating as to why its worse since op.

during day when he gets up after sitting for 10 min or so he is like a old man head to toe with aches and pain and cant do much without my support and help with moving.

he cant sit for too long in same position as his bum goes numb yet when sensation comes back he yet again in agony


I can see how depressed this gets him and knowing we have 4 children he really hates it my heart goes out to him and i love him he is my best friend and my rock we have been together since i was 16 . 13 years ago we married 11 years ago and this is emotionally hurting me knowing he cant do much without chronic pain.

Even going to the doctors now seems a choir as it seems like they don't listen and just give more MORE pain relief of which he ends up going to sleep .He is sleeping his life away and he is only 30.

he is also on stomach tablets and suffers everyday with heartburn and indigestion ,He most days wakes up and immediately on the toilet with diarrhea sorry to be crude .If he don't go too loo he gets horrid cramps spasms



I love him so much someone please help and advice me i feel so useless and i want to something to take his pain away and help him get back to his old self  but i cant think what more to do  x

He use to play with our children and he does still try so hard but suffers.

He is sure a amazing man ,husband and father we all want to help him even the children they can see how much agony he is in daily

Any advice please message me .

Also please read my other post about Daughter ,It never seems to come in 1's with our family .

Asd they <4 children were all prem and all c sections we had 2 @ 32 weekas 1 @ 27 weeka and 1@ 25 weeka >

Im so glad im so strong minded <well on the outside > and keep our faith

Regards Emma

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