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How to Keep Germs Out of the Bathroom – Housekeeping Tips on Limited Energy

Posted Sep 03 2010 7:02am

cleaning green How to Keep Germs Out of the Bathroom   Housekeeping Tips on Limited Energy Most of us have had at least one day we’ve walked into the bathroom, looked around at the splattered mirror, the toys in the tubs, the hard water build up, and turned around and walked right back out. Geri Hess gives us a few ideas on how to keep our bathroom not only looking clean. . . but also being clean clean free of germs that is! And if you have children in the house, well, it’s just a matter of time before they are dragging in dirty clothes from sports, germs from Lord knows where, and gunk off the bottom of their shoes. Let’s get busy and find out Geri’s shortcuts!


By: Geri Hess

We’ve all heard reports that most public bathrooms are not clean. Is it possible that private baths are not clean as well? They just look that way. Admit it you’ve seen the report that “bathrooms are full of germs.” This article is how to keep your bathroom looking clean without chemicals.

Why would you want the bathroom to look good? First, it gives a sense of healthiness. After all what you don’t see might not hurt you. Right? It is common knowledge that toxins must reach a certain level before you get sick. Levels differ from person to person. The fewer dirty things you see the less likely you will become ill. Haven’t you heard that some “diseases are in your head?” Avoid looking at germs. When your bathroom looks clean think, “it must be clean of germs.”

Second, you won’t be embarrassed when unexpected guests show up. They will think that you are SUPER_____ you fill in the blank. Don’t you want to have your guests put you on a pedestal as the “best” housekeeper that they know? Make your bathroom look clean.

This cleaning method takes almost no time. Follow these easy quick steps to have a bathroom that always looks clean.

  • After you dry yourself off use the towel to dry off the bath/shower and floor.
  • Hang towel neatly on towel rack to dry or launder right away.
  • Use a nearby toilet bush to dislodge any non-flushables.
  • If you plan to run the dishwasher, add your toothbrushes. Not only does this clean them, but also they aren’t lying out on the counter. If the dishwasher cleans well enough for other things that you put in your mouth it is good enough for toothbrushes. You’ll save $ by not having to replace them as often.
  • Hide stuff out of sight. If you like a lot of decor, get over it. Stuff attracts dirt and if you want your bath to look clean keep decor to a minimum. Practical ideas for what to keep out: Items that get used like a pile of neatly folded daily hand towels; a pump soap dispenser looks cleaner; hand lotion dispenser, and toothbrush holder (better yet keep your toothbrushes in a cabinet)
  • Take the hand towel that you just used in this order: wipe off the mirror, facets, counter top and toilet, seat and behind. Put the lid down (Lids that are down look much cleaner)
  • Change the toilet paper as needed.
  • Most Important Step. As you leave the room take a look back. Do you get a sense of pride? Doesn’t it look clean? Yea! After putting your towels in the laundry, your work is done!

Of course, what you can’t see can hurt you. And, the invisible germs in bathrooms account for multiple illnesses. So just because it looks clean doesn’t mean it is clean-even if your neighbors think you are the best housekeeper on the block.

If however you suffer from chronic illness or allergy you may want to visit Geri Hesswebsite for a healthy way to clean that also doesn’t use chemicals. This article addressed how to make your bathroom LOOK clean without chemicals.

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